Building Manager

To apply- please send your resume to Michael Oppenheimer,

Building Manager Job Purpose:

Overseeing the safety and maintenance of The Mulehouse and ensuring that the property is in compliance with all applicable regulations. Recommending and coordinating improvements to the property as needed to ensure a safe, functional, and appealing space.

Building Manager Job Duties:

  • Maintaining a safe environment with proper lighting, signage, and disability access

  • Drafting and updating emergency plans and evacuation procedures

  • Overseeing security, fire prevention, and other safety systems

  • Scheduling regular building maintenance and janitorial services

  • Contracting professionals for repairs as needed

  • Ensuring that occupants are provided with proper utilities

  • Monitoring building maintenance budgets

  • Arranging for building improvements

  • Overseeing contractors and inspecting completed jobs

  • Hiring contractors as needed to maintain, repair, or improve the property

  • Providing training for building employees as needed

  • Scheduling contractors

  • Resolving complaints, problems, and requests from Mulehouse ownership and management

  • Assisting with emergency response and evacuations

  • Inspecting the building frequently for signs of damage or wear

Building Manager Skills and Qualifications:
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Detail Oriented, Negotiation Skills, Customer Service Experience, Maintenance Experience, Understanding of Building Codes and Safety Regulations, Ability to Set and Meet Goals, Results Oriented Behavior, On-the-Job Experience, Strong Written and Oral Communication Skills
If you think you are a good fit, please send your resume to Michael Oppenheimer,